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Rachael Keefe began “Write Out of Left Field” in Jan. ’12, and retired from writing free weekly RCL posts in 2022. That means this free sermon starter resource has more than ten years of ministry here with over 500 RCL-based reflections, sermon starters, poems and more, published during the span of this faithful ministry of sharing. You are welcome to browse through, search, use, and share with attribution.



Sermon Starter

Peter’s Vision for Today’s Church: A Sermon on Acts 11:1-18 for Easter 5C

If Peter’s vision taught that the followers of Christ could eat any food and maybe didn’t need to follow all the laws of Judaism, does it give any indication of how to resolved the ever-widening divisions of today?

Sermon Starter

Following Tabitha: A Sermon for Easter 4C on Acts 9:36-43

Many of us are half asleep and may even feel half dead under the weight of recent years, and the fear of what is to come. Between grief and fear we could fall under the power of apathy or ambivalence. We might believe that what we say and do won’t make a difference and, thereby, keep doing nothing.

Sermon Starter

Paul, Peter, and Agape: A Sermon for Easter 3C on John 21 and Acts 9

Jesus is still with us asking, “Do you agape me?” The church has yet to say, “Yes, Lord, I agape you and will nurture all that is yours without condition.”

Sermon Starter

Thomas, No Doubt: A Sermon for Easter 2C on John 20:19-31

Vulnerability and woundedness opens us to the power of resurrection. We don’t have to be flawless. We have to be authentic and whole, even in our suffering.

Sermon Starter

Easter – No Idle Tale: A Sermon on Luke 24:1-12 and Acts 10:34-43

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what happened at that tomb so long ago. Faith is an act of resistance. Faith centers a God who promises new life. Faith trusts that new life can happen even in the face of an oppressive Empire.

Sermon Starter

Shouting Stones: A Sermon for Palm Sunday on Luke 19:28-40

Jesus risked everything to remind us that life is about more than any individual and we have a responsibility to love our neighbors into liberation.