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Rachael Keefe began “Write Out of Left Field” in Jan. ’12, and retired from writing free weekly RCL posts in 2022. That means this free sermon starter resource has more than ten years of ministry here with over 500 RCL-based reflections, sermon starters, poems and more, published during the span of this faithful ministry of sharing. You are welcome to browse through, search, use, and share with attribution.



Musings, Sermon Starter

Anointing Jesus: A Sermon on John 12:1-8 for Lent 5C

What would it mean for us today if we heard this passage as an invitation to extravagant love among those who are poor – in finances, in resources, and/or in spirit?

Musings, Sermon Starter

The Perfect Time to be Prodigal: A Sermon for Lent 4C on Luke 1-3,11b-32

God is always with us. Do we take time to realize that we are always with God? Do we recognize the abundance that is all around us?

Musings, Sermon Starter

Everyone Who Thirsts: A Sermon on Inclusion for Lent 3C on Isaiah 55:1-9

What happened to God so loves the entirety of the cosmos (John 3:16) and all are equal before God (e.g. Genesis 1:27, Galatians 3:28)?


Decolonizing Christianity: A Sermon for Lent 2C on Genesis 15:1-12, 17-18

God is never on the side of the conquerors. Everything Jesus taught indicates that God is on the side of the marginalized, the oppressed, the outcast, the ones being invaded.


Temptations: A Prayer of Confession for Lent 1C Luke 4:1-13

Awaken us to your presence in this world, especially in the fearful and chaotic places. War is not yours. Hate does not come from you. Division is not what you desire for us.

Sermon Starter

Shifting Perspective: A Sermon for Transfiguration Sunday 2022 on Luke 9:28-43a

What if witnessing or experiencing some sort of Transfiguration is what allows us to do the work of bringing Divine Love into the world?