Three Magi and the Baptist

All those proclamations bubbling with hope during Advent start to fizzle out by the time the magi arrive. And fall even flatter with John the Baptist’s cry for repentance. With the heightened anxiety created by the current Administration and its recent Tweets, the light of the star fades and the voice heard at Jesus’ baptism … Read More

Words for a World in Need

This week has been full of getting settled in a new state, new cities, and a whole new ministry. So I’ve decided to share this poem from Negotiating the Shadows, pages 76-77. It’s based on Mark 1:4-11. New Thoughts if I am beloved as you are beloved then why this gnawing void that whispers of … Read More

Wrestling with Relevance

Whenever I lead Bible study at some point the question becomes, “So what?” In other words, what does this passage mean for us as individuals and for us as a church? It’s the best part of the study. After we’ve looked at the passage and its particularities we wrestle with relevance. This first Sunday after … Read More