No Distinctions

Welcome. Inclusion. Hospitality. These are all church words, words we try to embody to the best of our ability. Yet, not everyone feels welcomed. Not everyone experiences inclusion. Not everyone receives hospitality. There are limits to our being church, aren’t there? We aren’t perfect and we sometimes get it wrong. True. However, what about that … Read More

More About the Bread

I am committed to having communion bread that is free of common allergens so all may partake of the one bread. This recipe does contain eggs. I’m still working on one without eggs. In the meantime… Grain, Gluten, Corn, Dairy, Soy, Nut, and Yeast Free Communion Bread ¼ c tapioca flour ¼ c coconut flour … Read More

What About the Bread?

Since this week’s gospel reading is the Road to Emmaus and all about the breaking of bread revealing Christ, I’m sharing my poem, “Eucharist” from Barefoot Theology, pg. 35-36. Eucharist sacramental gratitude ritual remembrance inviting grace an old ski cabin full of retreating adolescents a weekend of fellowship and sleep deprivation closing worship on couches around a … Read More