The Truth about Greatness

***Trigger Warning:  The following references sexual violence. It does not describe any events in detail, but names things that could be difficult for some readers.*** Jesus valued what society dismissed. He didn’t care which of his disciples could most accurately quote scriptures or put the most in the offering bucket or walked the longest distance. … Read More

Chaos and Craziness

RCL – June 10, 2012 – Second Sunday after Pentecost 1 Samuel 8:4-11, (12-15), 16-20 with Psalm 138 Genesis 3:8-15 with Psalm 130 2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1 Mark 3:20-35 All the scriptures this week point to something less than desirable in human beings. The tendency to not listen to a prophetic word is highlighted in the … Read More