Sophia, Logos, and a New Year: A Prophetic Sermon for Christmas 2C using Wisdom of Solomon, Ephesians, and John

Christmas 2C sermon on Wisdom of Solomon, Ephesians, and John

On the brink of a New Year, perhaps it’s time we learn something from Sophia and the Logos, something we maybe should have learned a long time ago. We’ve endured 2020 and 2021. The predictions for the next couple of months in terms of COVID are pretty ugly given the omicron variant’s high contagion rates. … Read More

Light the Lamps

I am distressed and disappointed at how this election is going. A landslide for Biden and other Democrats would have made a strong statement against white supremacy, militarized police, children in cages, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny and all the other ills of the current administration. How is it that nearly 50% of this country can believe … Read More

Simple (and nearly impossible) Requirements

This post originally appeared on RevGalBogPals as the Revised Common Lectionary Post on January 28, 2020. I have been thinking a lot about discipleship these days. It’s not a word that progressive, predominantly white churches are all that comfortable with. Yet, with the lectionary moving from the Magi showing up to pay homage to Jesus … Read More

Naptime is Over

Mental illness crosses all human barriers. No one is exempt. Wealth can’t buy its way out. Power cannot force it away. Religion cannot keep it at bay. It isn’t contagious but everyone is potentially at risk. Usually, its causes are biological, genetic and often emerges as an individual comes to adulthood. It can also be … Read More

Waiting for Wisdom

We know the story. Maybe we know it too well. Many of us barely made it to Bethlehem in time to hear the angels sing. Then we get lost in the crowds because we don’t want to hear about the slaughter of the innocents. And who wants to wait around for the magi to show … Read More