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What Clients Say


Rachael’s compassionate presence and active listening have guided me in negotiating difficult life transitions and painful losses. Through caring discernment, she has been instrumental in helping me to “un-box God”, allowing me to be more attentive to the voice of Spirit. This has allowed me to recognize and accept certain gifts that I was afraid to own. In embracing these spiritual gifts, I’ve learned to accept myself and bond deeper with Spirit.

C. Elaine Watkins

Mental Health and Pastoral Counselor

Rachael helped me understand my unconventional call to ministry. One of the biggest challenges for me was that, though called to the ministry, I was not quitting my secular job and did not want to pastor a church. Rachael was a wonderful guide for me in my discernment process. She accepted me unconditionally both emotionally and spiritually, something I was not used to at all.

Christopher Macdonald-Dennis

Chief Diversity Officer, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Pastor Rachael is smart, compassionate, non-judgmental, and honest. Her grasp of the Gospel, and her knowledge of both the historical context and how the lessons apply to life today has helped me grow in my faith journey. When I have needed sound, spirit-based advice, Pastor Rachael has been a wonderful “partner in prayer”.

Sherlonda Clarke

Administrator, Speaker, Comic

I trust Rachael. Over the past seven years, I have called on Rachael for spiritual direction, to assist and to guide me both personally and professionally through discernment. Rachael has a calm pastoral presence and listens deeply. Her guidance is thoughtful and intentional. She speaks a truth from love which both uplifts and challenges one to think deeply.

Steve Boorsma

UCC Pastor

While contemplating where God was calling me, and at the same time, unpacking my past, Rachael’s gifts of nonjudgmental listening and open questions allowed me to do deep spiritual work with authenticity and faithfulness. Her ability to meet me in my spiritual journey, and to sit with me in the long night of the soul with great compassion continue to support my spiritual walk. I am forever grateful for Rachael’s accompaniment.

Carlos Jauhola-Straight

Pastor, First Congregational Church of Pelham, NH

I am grateful to have spent many hours with Rachael discussing my spiritual battles. Having a daughter die at the early age of 32 from leukemia, I spent many years being angry at the world and at whoever is running the universe. Rachael helped me sort out the grieving and unanswerable questions with compassion and a gentle guidance that was both supportive and therapeutic. She was instrumental to my spiritual and personal growth.

Carolyn Egan

Retired Nursing Education Coordinator


Are you wondering about spiritual direction?

For Rev. Dr. Rachael Keefe, the beach is sacred ground—a place to be barefoot and relax into one’s true self. Spiritual direction at Beach Theology is open to anyone who wants to explore their relationship with the Divine, with a particular invitation to those who have been marginalized or excluded by traditional church. You can read lots more on the spiritual direction page, including how to sign up for a free spiritual direction session.

What is spiritual direction
Rachael Keefe, spiritual director, sitting casually on a beach
The Lifesaving Church: Faith Communities and Suicide Prevention
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Suicide and Faith

The Lifesaving Church: Faith Communities and Suicide Prevention

“The Lifesaving Church is an unflinchingly faith-filled resource for Christians helping people who are facing mental illness and considering suicide. Rather than engaging with the complexity of mental illness, too often the church simply clings to the belief that everything is okay. But when lives are at stake, avoidance is not an option. Rachael A. Keefe calls on Christians to understand mental health, recognize the signs of suicide risk, and care deeply for one another.” ―Foreword Reviews

From 2012-2022, Rachael published a weekly RCL-based blog, a trusted resource for many preachers. Check it out!


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