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Rachael Keefe began “Write Out of Left Field” in Jan. ’12, and retired from writing free weekly RCL posts in 2022. That means this free sermon starter resource has more than ten years of ministry here with over 500 RCL-based reflections, sermon starters, poems and more, published during the span of this faithful ministry of sharing. You are welcome to browse through, search, use, and share with attribution.




Fear and Its Friends: A Poem for Lent 1

Fear has a lot of friends and doesn’t hesitate to bring them along.


Re-awakening to Love: A Poem for Advent 4B

Love isn’t always what we think it is, nor is it always easy.


Joy Re-Awakens: A Poem for Advent 3B

Joy may feel wrong these days. However, true Joy is an act of resistance.


Peace Poem for Advent 2 B

snow falls like rain blanketing everything dampening sound softening edges …


Hope Re-Awakens a Poem for Advent 1B

Enjoy a stroll through an Advent night with this poem about Hope.


Unexpected Winter

This is a poem about winter coming early and so much more. May we all be aware of Creation’s yearnings.
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