Sophia, Logos, and a New Year: A Prophetic Sermon for Christmas 2C using Wisdom of Solomon, Ephesians, and John

Christmas 2C sermon on Wisdom of Solomon, Ephesians, and John

On the brink of a New Year, perhaps it’s time we learn something from Sophia and the Logos, something we maybe should have learned a long time ago. We’ve endured 2020 and 2021. The predictions for the next couple of months in terms of COVID are pretty ugly given the omicron variant’s high contagion rates. … Read More

Living Bread, Living Water

Jesus said some weird stuff and the end of John 6 is the top of the list. Here Jesus talks about eating his flesh and drinking his blood to gain eternal life. It’s baffling even when we don’t take scripture literally. It’s hard to know what Jesus really intended here. Yes, it can be a foreshadowing of the Passover meal to come. Yet, I think he meant more than the eucharistic sharing of bread and cup. I suspect that all this weirdness about eating flesh and drinking blood has to do with how we live, a metaphor for embodying all that Jesus did and taught. Is this any less weird? Maybe not…

Bread with Nutritional Value

One of the first times my beliefs entered into the “real” world happened when I was fourteen. It was a rainy afternoon and I was babysitting in a new place. While the little girl slept, someone knocked on the condo door. I opened it to two young men who identified themselves as Jehovah’s Witnesses. I … Read More

Confessing the Need for More Bread

Litany of Confession One:  Holy One, you call us to a life of loving-kindness. Yet, very often, we resort to violence with our words or actions forgetting our responsibility to love our neighbors and ourselves. people my quietly or silently voice their confessions Forgive us when we are self-absorbed. All:  Offer us, again, the bread … Read More